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Here at Hosts Nola, we know luxury. Our luxurious condominium located right on N. Peters street is the perfect place to stay while you enjoy the great city of New Orleans. While visiting the city, you have to try crawfish! A Louisiana staple, everyone agrees that crawfish provide one of the best experiences, a crawfish boil. During this lenten season, crawfish boils are even more popular as catholics eat seafood only on Fridays. Here at Hosts Nola, we want to let you know the wonders of a delicious crawfish boil.

The crawfish is important to the state’s identity and a huge part of Louisiana’s history, spanning back to even before the Louisiana purchase. The Houma Indian tribe has used the crawfish as its emblem for centuries. In the 1800s, Cajun settlers modified lobster recipes passed down from their coastal Canadian forefathers, substituting them with crawfish. Soon, Creole restaurants in New Orleans caught on and crawfish became synonymous with Louisiana cooking.

Crawfish season varies from one year to the next, based on how cold the weather was in the Gulf Coast during the Winter. Most of the time, crawfish season in Louisiana runs from mid-January through to early-July for crawfish caught in the wild. Now, let’s talk about all of the places that you can get the best crawfish in the city!

Bevi Seafood Co.

Located in Mid-City, Bevi Seafood Co is a neighborhood seafood market and restaurant steeped in the traditions of New Orleans’ seasons: Crawfish, crab, shrimp, and oysters.

Cajun Seafood

Cajun Seafood was opened in 1995 on South Broad Street in 1995 and still remains. It is referred to as the best smelling corner in the city.

Bayou Wine Garden

Bayou Wine Garden is a newer extension of Bayou Beer Garden and is already known for the delicious food menu. Here you can also enjoy hot boiled crawfish, seasoned to perfection, every weekend in the Bayou Gardens.

Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

Located in historic Uptown New Orleans, Superior Seafood is known for its authentic Louisiana seafood and Creole-inspired dishes at an affordable price. In the spring, super seafood gets even more attention for their delicious crawfish boils.

No matter where you choose to enjoy Crawfish in New Orleans, we hope that you choose Hosts Nola as a little oasis for your stay! Learn more about our amazing amenities here.

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