millennials love apartment living

Why Millennials Love Apartment Living

There are so many reasons why renting is in and buying properties is out. Not only is it because the average 25 year old is single and not looking to start a family anymore, but there are so many other reasons! Here at Hosts Nola, we know that renting is necessary with the economic climate and we are helping our residents take full advantage of the benefits! Here are the reasons why millennials love renting.


Just like here, free amenities come for renters while homeowners would have to pay a significant cost. Amenities range from movie theatres and gyms to the more subtle amenities such as cell phone reception.


Millennials are drawn to the community and shared spaces in apartment buildings. Especially because millennials are not actively building families, being a part of something bigger than themselves is a huge part of their livelihood. Rec centers, community spaces and pools are great amenities for those that are looking to rent.


Renting provides more flexibility to leave places. Millennials work more remote jobs and are more transient. Apartment living opens up a life of freedom and less stress.


Maintaining your own home includes yard work, repairs, and important upgrades. If something breaks in a home that you own, the repair is completely on you. For those with active lifestyles, having fewer things to do around the house is a big bonus!

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