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Visit New Orleans! | Top 52 Places to Vacation

There’s no better time than to visit New Orleans! As we approach the New Year, we are thinking back to the beginning of 2018. So much has happened this year!  In January, 2018, NY Times named New Orleans the number one place to visit on a list of 52 places.Hosts Nola knows how beautiful this city is: in fact we live and breathe it. Here are five reasons New Orleans is simply the most magical place to visit.


The Food

Let’s face it, southern cooking is simply the best. Here in New Orleans, we have it all. It’s one of the only places that you can enjoy fresh seafood, gumbo, cornbread and more all in one place. As a melting pot, New Orleans cuisine borrows from many different cultures making our food the most sought out food in the country.



New Orleans is thriving with music. As the birthplace of Jazz, it is arguable one of the best places to see live jazz music. From Royal Street to Frenchmen, there is usually a band playing at all times for a low price to free.


WWII Museum

Sometimes, people just think that New Orleans is a place to drink and eat to your heart’s content. However, our museums are just as amazing. Our WWII museum is not only a learning experience but highly entertaining including reenactments and artifacts.


The Paranormal

New Orleans is known as one of the most haunted cities in America and most of the traditions are based in Voodoo. Upon your visit, you will see palm readers, tarot readers, psychics, fortune tellers, voodoo shops and ghost tours. Don’t be scared, we just embrace the spooky here.


The People

Although unorthodox, the people of New Orleans are unlike the people anywhere else. We appreciate southern hospitality here, in fact, Hosts Nola incorporates this aspect into everything from our design to our customer service. We know that when you are here you are home. To learn more about our amenities, click here.


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